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Once I reached age 49 I saw that my sexual performance became disappointing for both my partner and myself. I tried Viagra, but I don`t like the idea of using pharmaceutical products. I tried several natural formulas and was very disappointed. I almost gave up all together. Finally I found Vigmax my sex life has completely turned around. I feel like a new man!

The one thing I`d like to comment about your product is that it feels so natural and safe – and yet, so effective. I have tried many of the male enhancement formulas available on the market and every single one of them had side effects such as nervousness, sweating. I was searching for a more reliable product when I came across your website and saw your herbal supplements. The result has been more than satisfying! It has been everything it claims to be. Not only did my penis get bigger, I have noticed my erections are stronger. I feel fuller and the intensity of my orgasms is fantastic. Thank you VigMax!

I have been taking Vigmax for 4 months. I shot up to 8 inches within 3 months!! It`s the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. When I hold it I can`t believe its actually a part of my body. What’s more incredible is that this stuff has a long term effect. I actually tested this aspect by stop taking it for a while, and it remains 9 inches. Its strength has also grown considerably. I am really enjoying my new penis and so is my girlfriend. Thank you, thank you, Vigmax!!

I took the Vigmax product because I wanted to be bigger. It is amazing how big I got in just a month and even bigger in 2 months. That is what I call fast. I`m about 8 1/2 inches. Here is what I am doing now. When I take the Vigmax supplements every day I just feel healthier, stronger and younger. Thanks a million.

Thanks to your supplements, I can keep an erection for about an hour and I am bigger than I used to be. I went to 7 1/2 inches and I feel I will get even bigger. I`m 70 but I feel like I’m back to where I was 40. I wasted money on pills that did nothing. With one of the pills I tried and I gained a half inch and that took 4 months. After taking your supplements, I went 2 inches in just a couple of months. Excellent product.
P.M. CO.

When I first started, I took your supplements to get bigger. I am right where I want to be, about 8 1/2 inches. But I soon found out that its not just about size. As with many other men out there, I have been having difficult time getting it up during sex. After about a month into taking your supplements, my wife asked me if I was on something. Every time I get up in the morning I can feel its rock hard. My sexual appetite has also risen significantly, and my wife and I are having great time together. I feel 10 years younger.

I always thought that sex was natural and to leave well enough alone. Now I know after using Vigmax that sex can be more. I can now go forever (if that`s what I want). My orgasms are deeper, more resonating. I am 56 and I feel better about sex than at 19.

All my life I have never wanted to be average. I have a wife that is pretty and not just average. I have a terrific job and make more than average pay plus I drive a $50,000 sports car. I am not bragging , I am just saying the only thing in my life was a very average penis. Now that has changed. I took your pills and I am now a very hard 8 inches and that`s not average. Thank you, Thank you.

My penis was about 5 inches. With the Vigmax supplements, I am now 7 inches. When I have a climax I feel like I can shoot across the room. I also ejaculate more semen than before. I have more power and there is more of it. I haven`t felt like this since I was 18 years old.

I am now a real nice 8 1/2 inches and also wider. I used to have another problem. I used to cum too soon. Now I have control and can go as long as it takes to satisfy any woman. I used to be a 60 second man. Not anymore.
T.D., AZ

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